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Nope, it isn’t 6:29 AM – it is 5:29 AM in Kansas which is where I am waking up to write down what is going through my head this morning.  I asked if I could stay in bed, but he said no.  I love it when Jesus turns my brain on in the morning and starts to give me inspiration.  He must know it is the time when my mind is the quietest and he can speak to me.

Thank you, Jesus.  I love you.  Draw me nearer, nearer precious Lord, to the place where I belong.

Life Eternal and Life Long Vitality

1st you need Life Eternal.  Above all else get your heart right with Jesus.

How do you do this?  Pray.  If you have never asked Jesus into your life, then pray.  AKA you are a sinner.  Believe that Jesus was born from a virgin, lived a sinless life on this earth, was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead where he ascended into heaven and is now sitting at the right hand of his Father, God.  Believe he shed his own blood to save you from eternal damnation. 

So there you have it:  Life Eternal or Death Eternal. The choice is yours.  Right now.  Now, not later, Pray.  The Holy Spirit is interceding for you.  Listen to the prompting in your heart to follow Him.

2nd Life Long Vitality Supplements.  These supplements are life-changing – not like Jesus is – but for me and many people – we would testify what life was like before we started taking them vs. now when we take them daily.

My story in a nutshell – I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s – an autoimmune disease.  No energy. On the couch feeling exhausted inside.  I couldn’t stand at church for 3 without feeling exhausted. Finally started taking LLV and found myself off the couch.  I was told to come back to the doctor if the symptoms came back.  Haven’t been back for years!

Next story.  Here is a guy that is on dialysis.  July 2018 – his daughter is getting married – he was not doing well.  He looked like he was dying and found it very difficult to participate in the wedding like he wanted to.

People die because of this.  Be your own advocate.  If you feel something isn’t right  – do something about it.  Research it yourself.  Use essential oils, herbs, and natural solutions – work out – go to another doctor.  Start taking Life Long Vitality – for sure – that should be a no-brainer after you hear testimonies from, I dare say, millions of people across the world.  Google it sometime.

He hasn’t been drained for over 25+ weeks now when he had been going every 2 weeks for 3 months.

Been pulled off all medication.

Lost 80 pounds.

Blood pressure and heart rate have been regulated to normal.

A1c went from 9 to 5.5

His blood sugar level is normal. 

Started doing other things as well that were healthy choices.

Limited caffeine

40% LLV contributed.

Go back to my website’s main page and click on the Life Long Vitality link to learn more and order.

I would be happy to answer any questions and get you going.  What do you have to lose? 

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